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Most people have heard about tarot cards. Some have seen them and have experienced their power to relate to their life and future. There are still many who may never have heard anything about them.

What is Tarot?

A tarot is a set of seventy eight cards.  They appear like the ordinary playing cards. Each card bears a picture which symbolizes a certain truth about the nature, thoughts and personality of the subject.

How did the tarot cards originate?

Ace of Pentacles Tarot cards have been in existence since a hoary past. No body can say for sure exactly when they came into being.  There are various theories about their use in ancient times. It is said that the ancient Egyptians and gypsies used them to divine the future.

Tarot cards are, however, considered the originators of the popular playing cards, the four suited decks of 52 cards. A standard deck of tarot cards is comprised of 22 cards called major arcana or trumps. There are four suits of 14 cards each called minor arcana or pip cards. The major arcana of 22 cards symbolize the strongest messages.

Tarot cards are used for solving the problems or predicting the future of the subjects by analyzing their nature and the personality. They are used for creative visualization and meditation which lead to self improvement.

There are several types of tarot decks in the market. The reason for this variety lies in the abilities of their creators to have their own perspectives on life and human  nature. They relate to various human interests including baseball and voodoo. There is a tarot deck for just about any interest and belief.


How does the Tarot work?

The High PriestessMost of us do not understand why we have the kind of life that we are living, or, what is our destiny or future. The truth is that we are born to act freely and make our own choices.

There is a plethora of societal influences, trends, spiritual urges and beliefs and astrological pulls and so on. We have our own attitudes, beliefs and way of acting. These features of our nature and personality shape our future which is routinely called destiny. To illustrate the point further, we are born with a freedom to act. We are free to commit forgery and be arrested and penalized for it. We can also do good deeds and can be treated as heroes.

When we are asked to select a card either by shuffling the deck or by selecting one from a series, our choice is, in fact, unconsciously guided by the psychic photograph of the card that is part of our subconscious personality at that moment. Our mind and nature is revealed by the choice of the card that we make at that particular moment without actually being aware of it. The tarot reader tries to predict your destiny by your choice of the card as it reflects your nature and personality that in turn determine your future.

It may occur that you have made some changes in your thoughts, beliefs, behavioral pattern or trends. In that case you will choose a card that symbolizes your direction at that moment. This is the reason why tarot reading can deliver a significant judgment or overview of the possibilities and probabilities in choices which indicate an appropriate course of action.

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