The Spiritual Academy

Psychic Workshop

If you are interested in using and developing your psychic gift, please allow me to help you with the use of my psychic workshop.

I will guide you through different workshops that help you with this wonderful development. These will be lessons that you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

After your payment is made, I will send you lesson one to your email address that you provide me. Once you have finished this lesson, you will be asked to complete a small homework assignment or quiz that shows me that you are ready to progress to lesson two. After which I will send lesson two and so on, until you have completed the workshop.

You may take as much time as needed to complete this workshop, but I ask that you complete it within at least 6 months.

Psychic Workshop Cost: $30.00

Course Menu

Lesson 1 - Intuition
Lesson 2 - Psychic Senses
Lesson 3 - Meditation
Lesson 4 - Turning On Psychic Reception
Lesson 5 - Turning Off Psychic Reception
Lesson 6 - Inspirational Writing
Lesson 7 - Spirit Touch
Lesson 8 - Meeting Your Guides
Lesson 9 - Being The Messenger
Lesson 10 - Validation
Lesson 11 - Protecting Yourself

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Please do not order this class unless you are sure that you wish to participate, as there will be no refunds given for any reason. I do not guarentee that you will become a professional reader or psychic. This workshop is for your own personal growth, and entertainment. You must be 18 years of age of older to order.

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